About us


Chirapa Manta is a life project in harmony with the land and its environment. We promote, practice and experience a lifestyle that walks towards sustainability, in communion with nature.


We take care of the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to achieve an integral and full growth as human beings.


From this experience, we seek to inspire people to know, learn, grow and act to build a new paradigm of life and return to a more natural order.

«Chirapa» means Rainbow in the local Quechua (Kichwa-Lamista) and «Manta» is used to delimit the geographical space of something: your origin, the use of the land, etc., so the translation of Chirapa Manta would be: «Land of the Rainbow».


Chirapa Manta represents the rainbow, a bridge between the human being and the planet, modern practicality and ancestral wisdom, science and spirituality, coexistence, love and cooperation between the diversity and plurality of cultures and times.
Our image is the rainbow tanager, a cheerful and colorful bird that frequently visits the Chirapa Manta forest, a symbol of this rainbow bridge that we weave.


We highly value the contribution of our local team, rescuing their knowledge and customs.


At Chirapa Manta we believe in collaborative work and shared learning for the development and growth of a sustainable community.


To do this, we open the doors to people who are passionate about learning, collaborating and putting their skills into practice to work voluntarily in the daily tasks of Chirapa Manta.

If you want to apply to volunteer in Chirapa Manta, write to our Whatsapp.

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