We have two guest houses and a bungalow-suite built with natural materials and eco-efficiency techniques:

Casa Yacu Manta

Located in the lower area of ​​the ecolodge, it has 4 rooms with their own bathroom, hot water and a private terrace overlooking the Cumbaza River.


Casa Quilla Manta

Located in the upper area of ​​the ecolodge, at the end of a path up the hill, it has 2 spacious rooms with up to 3 beds, a common bathroom area with hot water and views of the forest.


Inti Manta Suite

Our Suite is an independent bungalow with the most private and spacious room in the ecolodge. It has a King bed, its own bathroom with hot water and a large terrace with views of the Cumbaza River.


Each of our rooms has a special charm and rates are flexible according to the number of people staying. They all seek to give you the comforts you need and are decorated and built with rustic materials from the Cumbaza Valley, with a functional and eco-sustainable design.


We also have common spaces, differentiated from houses with rooms to give greater privacy in the rest area and in order to provide you with comfortable places to socialize, rest or work:


  • Terrace with room and workspace, with excellent internet signal.
  • Campfire area.
  • Tambo-viewpoint near the river.


We have a special space for the care of the body, mind and spirit, integrated in the forest with a spacious room, wooden floor and open to the environment, perfect for the practice of yoga, therapies, ceremonies and others. We also have an area to make Temazcal. Likewise, many retreat organizers and guests take advantage of the natural spaces near the river to carry out some activities in more direct contact with the jungle.


  • Yoga Shala or room for therapeutic work
  • Temazcal area
  • Tambo-viewpoint near the river


We are located in the protection area that surrounds the Cordillera Escalera Conservation Area, surrounded by exuberant tropical mountain forest and at the foot of the Cumbaza River. We have areas with private access to river beaches, ideal for connecting with nature and enjoying its fresh waters. In the area closest to the town of San Roque, there are also beautiful beaches where you can walk and swim.

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